VIDEO: GPD Officer Manila Admits Having Sex With Employee at Blue House


Guam – A Guam Police Officer has admitted that he went to the former Blue House Lounge in Upper Tumon and had sex with one of the employees there.

The admission came on Friday during the trial of defendant Sung Ja Cha who is charged with forcing women into prostitution at her former establishment known as the Blue House.

During Friday’s testimony Guam Police Officer David Manila said he knew Cha. And that, on occasion, he had received food and drinks from Cha. He also testified that, at Cha’s request, on occasion, he spoke with some employees who owed Cha money.

Under questioning by Federal Prosecutor Jared Fishman Officer Manila then testified that he patronized the Blue House on about 2 occasions in his personal capacity where, on at least one occasion, he $40 dollars for 2 drinks and then went into the VIP lounge where he had sex with an employees. Manila also admited that he later lied to federal investigators about it.

Friday Testimony in Blue House Trial:

Prosecutor Fishman: “While you were at the Blue House did you ever go into the VIP room?
Officer Manila: “Yes Sir.”
Prosecutor Fishman:  How much did you pay to go into the VIP room?
Officer Manila: I brought the lady 2 drinks.
Prosecutor Fishman: And how much was that?
Officer Manila: About $40 dollars.
Prosecutor Fishman: And what happened when you went in the VIP room?
Officer Manila: We sang karaoke and we had sex.”
Prosecutor Fishman: “Now, when you were interviewed by the Government the first time did you acknowledge paying for sex when you were at the Blue House?
Officer Manila: “No Sir.”
Prosecutor Fishman: “Why did you lie during your first interview with the Government.”
Officer Manila: “Because I was afraid I was going to lose my job, my wife.”

Later, under cross-examination, Cha’s defense Attorney, Howard Trapp asked Officer Manila whether the officer had ever been arrested or faced any discipline for patronizing the Blue House. Manila said he had not.

Cha has denied knowing her workers had sex with clients.

When contacted for a repsonse, Guam Public Information Officer A.J. Balajadia said “We are looking into the information that was made by Officer Manila.”

Closing argument in the trial are scheduled for tomorrow [Tuesday].