Multiple Arrests Made In Connection To Dededo Skate Park Incident

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Multiple arrests have been made in connection to the Dededo Skatepark Riot that took place last week…

PNC’s Don Sulat also has this story…

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19-year-old Mali ios, 23-year-old Jame Repwak, 18-year-old John Jashua, were recently arrested under charges such as, but not limited to Rioting and Aggravated Assault.

All 3 men were arrested in connection to the Dededo Skatepark incident that occured last week.

As PNC’s Devin Eligio previously reported – viral footage that is circulating through social media depicts multiple people fighting in front of said park.

The fight had started when Aaron Lee and his friend Jonathan, who were both at the skatepark, were threatened by 2 drunk individuals. According to reports, the 2 drunk individuals had originally left after their initial threat but came back with more people who were armed with baseball bats and broken glass bottles for weapons.

The riot ended with both Aaron and Jonathan in the hospital with multiple injuries.

Moreover, according to GPD, on March 3rd, officers with the Community Crimes Task Force, assumed the investigation and conducted multiple follow-ups. Their investigation, with the help of the community, led to a 3rd victim being identified.

Furthermore, GPD reported that they were able to identify and locate Mali ios through the aforementioned viral video. ios was arrested on March 5th, for the following, Rioting, Assault, Underage Consumption of Alcohol and Aggravated Assault.

Then on March 6th, the CCTF continued their efforts in locating more suspects who were identified by witnesses during the course of their investigation.

Jame Repwak, from the village of Dededo was arrested for Aggravated Assault, Assault and Riot.

Meanwhile, Jashua, also from Dededo, was arrested for Aggravated Assault, Assault, Riot, and Underage Consumption of Alchohol.

All 3 men were booked and confined at the Department of Corrections. The case remains open and has been forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office for prosecution.

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