Murder Suspect told Police He Hit His Common-Law Wife With a Pipe After Getting Angry With Her


Guam – Court Documents reveal that Roland San Nicolas Smith confessed to police that he hit his common-law wife Amanda Tedtaotao in the head with a metal pipe after getting angry with her on Sunday.

43-year old Amanda Tedtaotao died at Guam Memorial Hospital Sunday night.  An autopsy revealed the cause of death as a skull fracture with a brain contusion caused by trauma from a blunt force instrument.

Read the Magistrate’s Complaint

Police were called to an assault complaint at Smith’s home in Agat on Sunday afternoon.  Upon arrival officers found Tedtaotao in the master bedroom with blood coming from the back of her head.  Smith was found in the kitchen with a knife and a cut to his throat.  The document says Smith later told police that he cut himself because “he knew what he did was wrong.”

The couples 11 year old son and Smith’s father were both in the house at the time of the incident.

Court Records show Smith was the subject of a restraining order filed by Tedtaotao (under the name Amanda T. Cruz) in 2006.  He was ordered to undergo counseling but according to records never completed it.

Smith is being held on $500,000 bail.  He is accused of two charges of murder as a first degree felony and a charge of aggravated assault as a second degree felony.