Murdered ex-mayor beaten, stabbed and left in locked house; bloody hammer and scissors found

Guam Police Department (PNC File photo)

The magistrate’s report on the murder of former Umatac mayor Daniel Sanchez has been released and it provides more details on the gruesome murder, including the possible use of scissors and a hammer to stab and bludgeon the victim to death.

Based on Guam Police Department Report No. 21-8126, the magistrate’s report submitted by assistant attorney general Jeremiah B. Luther, stated that on April 3, 2021, at approximately 6:13 pm, GPD officers assigned to Agat Precinct reported to a residence located in Umatac in response to a welfare check.

Once at the residence, the officers identified a Toyota Corolla parked in front of the residence and a padlock and chain securing the front door of the residence.

The officers smelled an odor leading them to suspect that a person may have died inside the residence and utilized a ladder to gain a vantage point from where they could see inside the structure.

From that vantage point, the officers were able to observe a body lying on the floor, face down, and blood on the floor around the body, the magistrate’s report stated.

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Guam Fire Department reported to the scene and the chain on the front door was cut. Once inside, officers observed severe blunt force trauma injuries to the head of the deceased and apparent stab wounds to the front and back of the deceased’s torso.

A hammer and scissors, both covered in blood, were found near the body.

The body was identified as that of DanieI Quinata Sanchez. GPD officers learned that the residence was either owned or occupied by Rudy Fegurgur Quinata and frequented by Quinata’s girlfriend, Joyner Scott Sked.

Through the course of the investigation and interviews with neighbors and other witnesses, GPD learned that Quinata, Sked, and a third male (believed to be Daniel) were seen outside and around the residence during the afternoon/dusk period of April l, 2021.

According to the report, one neighbor reported hearing Quinata yelling, “f___ you” several times while outside of the residence. Another witness reported seeing Quinata and Sked leaving the residence at approximately 11 pm, the magistrate’s report stated.

GPD detectives later traced the Toyota Corolla to its registered owner — Daniel Sanchez’s daughter — who told police that she lent the car to her father on April l, 2021, and had not heard from him since.

Several witnesses also told police that they had seen the Toyota Corolla parked outside Quinata’s residence on April 1, 2021, and that it had not moved since then.

GPD later located Quinata and detained him for questioning. He was informed that he was wanted for questioning in regards to an expired person and, among other statements, he allegedly twice told police that “Joyner did it” but didn’t elaborate on his statement, the magistrate’s report stated.

A witness was located and told police that he/she picked up Sked and gave her a ride on April 3, 2021. This witness stated that Joyner allegedly made elaborate statements about stabbing, shooting, and killing a person. This witness further told police that Joyner allegedly told the witness that she [Joyner] stabbed Sanchez and that she did so during or after Quinata kept beating on him. This witness also told police that Sked hid from police and expressed her belief that the police were looking for her.

Sked was later located and she invoked her right to silence.


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