“My Story” Cancer Warriors Acknowledged for Outspoken Bravery and Strength


Senator Dennis Rodriguez presents Legislative certificates to those who shared their battle against Cancer.

While it is a widespread disease, an illness as severe as cancer can still be a very private battle. Recently, seven women inspired the community with their outspoken courage and strength.  As a result, they were honored for allowing their stories to broadcast to the community. 


Today, Legislative Committee Chairperson on Health, Senator Dennis Rodriguez, met with five of the seven cancer warriors featured on the Sorenson program, “My Story”. Madelyn Cruz, Cynthia Barcinas-Kintol, Carolyn Cruz, Darlene Roberto, and Gloria Borja were presented legislative certificates of honor and appreciation for their bravery in sharing their stories of what they went through before, during, and post cancer treatment.  Additionally, the certificate recipients were gifted with complimentary gift certificates and merchandise from participating sponsors. Johnny Lee of Jai Fusion and Jessica Cruz of Cosmos Distributing Co. Ltd. awarded each cancer warrior in person to acknowledge their 

 Also present was the “My Story” host Louise Muna of 105 The Kat, whose mother’s story will air as the new episode premier July 27th at 6:30 p.m. on ABC 7 Guam and Saipan and will rebroadcast at 7:30 p.m. on Fox 6.

The show was created in May 2015, in an effort further educate our island population on cancer. The monthly half-hour television show features two cancer warriors talking with the host about their story. The brave cancer warriors share their life stories before and during cancer treatments – as well as what got them through their life changing diagnosis.

Both Sorenson Media Group television stations will repeat the shows monthly. The show will refresh with two new warriors sharing their story on the last monday of every month, through october 2015.


Special acknowledgement to presenters:

 Focus on Life of GBHWC Peace Office 

Good Neighbor Pharmacy 


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Jai Fusion Restaurant Agat 

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