MY STORY: How Are They Doing Now? Hear from Cancer Survivor Cynthia Kintol


Cynthia Kintol was diagnosed with nasal-pharyngeal cancer in December 2014.

Guam – It’s been nearly a year since the launch of My Story, a Sorensen Media Group TV show that shares the stories of cancer warriors and survivors.



As part of our one year anniversary, we caught up with some of our previous guests to find out what they’re up to now. In this edition, we bring you part one of our series with cancer survivor Cynthia Kintol.

Kintol went on our show, My Story, about a year ago. At the time, she was just about finishing up her chemo and radiation treatment for nasal-pharyngeal cancer. She had only found out about it three days before Christmas of 2014.


“Last year I wasn’t able to taste my sweet, sour, salty, savory types of foods. But this time of the year, I’m getting back to the flavors, the taste,” says Kintol.

“It was a struggle last year compared to this year,” she adds.

As with many families afflicted with cancer, the challenge is enormous. Kintol says although she and her family faced many challenges, they were able to get through it together.

“Within my family structure, my husband, my son and I, we’ve managed to sort of like keep each other in communication. If I needed help with something or another, of course my son will be my driver but I’m gradually taking that independence going to do things on my own if I feel good,” Kintol explains.


Although it’s been a year, Kintol says she still has a long way to in terms of recovery. One of her challenges was acceptance, especially socially.

“To be diagnosed with this disease is sort of how do you say,” began Kintol. “I don’t want it to be a stigmatism in my life, in my social networking and stuff like that. But it’s something I had to do and I had to overcome by myself.”

Kintol has taken time off from work so she can focus on herself, her family and her journey to full recovery.

“I’m currently not working but I’m at home doing little projects like organizing my files or doing some baking and stuff,” she explains.

“Those dark moments were the worst for me but I’m happy to be alive. I’m happy. I’m just happy to know that I have a second chance in life and I hope I can make it better,” she says.

Again, this is just part one of our series to feature cancer warriors and survivors as part of the show My Story’s one year anniversary, so stay tuned to hear from our other guests to see how they’re doing now.