VIDEO: Mystery Surrounds Death of Former Guam Resident in Las Vegas; Died in Police Custody


Guam – Mystery surrounds the death of former Guam resident Glenn Ybanez, 33, who died while in police custody in Las Vegas, Nevada on Monday morning (Tuesday, July 3, Guam time).

ABC affiliate KTNV Action News reports that Ybanez was pulled over during a routine traffic stop but Ybanez, who has two outstanding warrants, ran away. A Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer chased Ybanez on foot and eventually arrested him. Police say Ybanez then suffered a medical episode and CPR was performed on Ybanez before transporting him to a nearby hospital.

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But what happened after he was apprehended is what puzzles the Ybanez family who told KTNV Action News that they still don’t know how Glenn Ybanez died. “They gave us no information whatsoever from the start,” Glenn Ybanez’s brother, Sylvio Ybanez tells KTNV Action News. “Police wouldn’t answer. Doctors wouldn’t answer. They wouldn’t even come to us. Nothing.”

The Ybanez family says Glenn was healthy and had no pre-existing medical conditions that could have led to his death. Sylvio Ybanez tells KTNV that his brother had bruises, a scratch on his forehead, one eyeball popping out and another one shut.

Family members suspect Ybanez could have been beaten up or hit by a large object. Metro police say two citizens assisted them in Ybanez’s arrest, KTNV reports.

“Whatever they’re trying to cover up, we’re not going to buy it,” Sylvio Ybanez tells KTNV.

Glenn Ybanez’s cause of death is pending the Coroner’s evaluation and toxicology reports.

He is a U.S. Army veteran who grew up on Guam. He left the island in 2003 when he enlisted in the Army.