N Korea Test Fire Missiles Capable of Reaching Guam


North Korea reportedly test fired two missiles, one of which failed.

Guam – North Korea reportedly test-fired a couple missiles that have the ability to reach Guam, according to a report in the Japan Times.


The report states that North Korea fired two powerful missiles called musudan midrange missiles. One of the missiles, however, reportedly failed.

The musudan missile has a potential range of about 2200 miles, which puts it in the range of the Asia-Pacific region, including Guam.

The failed missile launch is the fifth failure since April. North Korea is believed to have up to 30 Musudan missiles since 2007.

However, it wasn’t until April this year that authorities believe North Korea began to test fire them.

Back in April 2013, Guam Homeland Security was put on alert after North Korea threatened to launch its musudan missile.