Nacion Chamoru Protests in Front of Congresswoman Bordallo’s Office


Guam – Members of I Nacion Chamoru or the Chamoru Nation held a peaceful demonstration in front of Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo’s office along Marine Corps drive in Hagatna this afternoon.

 Nacion Chamoru member Catherine McCollum says that they are upset with Congresswoman Bordallo’s failure to get war reparations and her recent support of the military buildup. Particularly McCollum says they are upset that the Congresswoman introduced H.R. 4402 which allows the Department of Defense to establish a Surface Danger Zone over the Ritidian Wildlife Refuge in effect allowing for the placement of a firing range complex on the bluffs that overlook Ritidian. The Chamoru Nation would like to see Ritidian land returned to it’s original landowners. “We were upset with her because we met with her and she did not tell us about it. We are her people we are supposed to be her people she should have told us about it. She should have at least informed us of her ideas and maybe we can understand,” said McCollum adding, “What has she done for us? What has she really done for the grassroots people? Nothing. I haven’t seen anything,” said McCollum.


 Nacion Chamoru members also held up signs in support of native fishing rights and the return of ancestral lands to original landowners. Nacion Chamoru Magalahi Danny “Pagat” Jackson told PNC, “I’m also sending this message to Madeleine Bordallo that our manamko’s are dying and they really need their war reparations.” Jackson says they are also fighting for the removal of a gate at Rt. 3a that prevents access to the Ritidian wildlife refuge after 4pm.