Nanbo Insurance president talks about company’s ‘Go Solar’ promotion

Nanbo president Brent Butler (PNC photo)

Nanbo insurance is finding ways to give back to homeowners who have been making sustainable lifestyle choices through its new Go Solar promotion.

The insurance company has consistently provided go green alternatives for its customers since 2019 with similar go green initiatives such as Go Hybrid, which paid for the energy bills of customers who insured their electric vehicles with Nanbo.

According to Brent Butler, President of Nanbo Insurance Underwriters, the Go Solar promotion is an extension of Go Hybrid but is now focused on homeowners. Solar-powered homeowners who insure their homes with Nanbo are now eligible to have the insurance company pay one month’s worth of energy bills, up to $350.

“Our new campaign, is basically an extension of the go green initiative — this time, focusing on homeowners who have installed solar panels on their house — and we’re basically offering the same promotion where we’re gonna pay for one month’s power bill, up to $350, if you insure your solar-powered house with us,” Butler said.

In addition to providing incentives to promote a sustainable environment in Guam, Nanbo is also positioning itself as an environmentally friendly company through its efforts to maintain a sustainable work environment.

“Nanbo is really trying to position itself as an environmentally friendly company. We have started with our office. We have a recycling program and recycling bins in the breakroom. We discontinued buying styrofoam products and plastic water bottles— just because we know those products will end up in the landfill and it’s gonna take a very long time to break down,” Butler said.

The Go Solar promotion is open to new and existing Nanbo customers who install or retrofit their homes with solar panels. For more details, go to, or contact Nanbo’s customer service at (671) 477-9754