NAPA Professionals Visit GCC CTE Automotive Classes


Guam – Students in the Guam Community College CTE Automotive programs in Guam’s five public high schools are learning from the pros.

Officials from NAPA Auto Parts on Guam and from California are visiting the GCC CTE Automotive programs to talk to the students about careers in the automotive industry and about specifics such as vehicle batteries – what’s best, how they’re made, and how they work, among other things.

“Our number one point at NAPA is customer satisfaction,” said Robert Westfall, Jr., NAPA Guam Battery Sales representative. “We go above and beyond what we can supply, to giving back to the community,” Westfall said of meeting with the students. Westfall himself is a graduate of the GCC CTE automotive program.

[Charlie Stokes, a NAPA Electrical Sales Representative from California, speaks to students in the GCC CTE Automotive program at John F. Kennedy High School on Tuesday, February 7]

“We have quite a lot of graduates working at NAPA,” said Christopher Dennis, chair of the GCC Automotive Department. Dennis says his goal in bringing these professionals to the CTE and postsecondary classrooms is to bring GCC’s program to a level where students feel they can receive a state-of-the-art automotive education right here on Guam. “Hopefully this can be achieved through public-private partnerships and through collaboration like what we’re doing with NAPA,” said Dennis.

NAPA is also donating automotive supplies for the refurbishment of a 1970 classic El Camino “Blue Ghost,” donated to the GCC Foundation by M80 company in honor of the College’s upcoming 35th Anniversary celebration on May 5th, 2012.