NASA Guam looking for students to join its program


The NASA Space Grant Guam is looking for graduate and undergraduate students to be a part of their out of this world program.

Part of Hawaii’s Space Grant Consortium, the NASA Space Program Guam is geared toward the support and enhancement of science, technology and education as they pertain to NASA’s program.

NASA Space Grant Principal Investigator Dr. Romina King says although they were able to attain more funds, they are unable to execute all of the of parts of the program because of the pandemic.

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“A lot of our professors at UOG … my colleagues … are struggling, working online, working at home, and taking caking care of kids. There’s been a huge need for teaching assistants so we are all opening up the scholarship to not just research but to also teaching assistants,” King said.

She added: “We had so little money when I first started. I know we had a budget of like about $10,000 for the semester. Now, we’ve expanded to $250,000 which means more scholarships and fellowships.”

King hopes that this program would encourage students to take more interest in the STEM fields.

“I feel that a lot of students are intimidated by STEM and you know, technology and mathematics and engineering. They say things like I wasn’t born good at math and that is so heartbreaking to me,” King said.

She added: “I want to foster that love and foster that kind of pursuit of the sciences and provide that kind of support.”

Financial support for undergraduates may include a one-semester stipend of $4000, renewable for a second semester for a total of $8000 per academic year.

A travel and supply budget of $500 per semester will be available for those pursuing the research assistantship path.

For more information regarding the program, contact Dr. Romina King at rocking.@triton.uog

Due date to submit applications for the program are due by January 8th for preliminary review.