Natasha Peters to fully cooperate with prosecution against her husband Duayne Peters

Natasha Renee Quitugua Peters and her husband Duayne Richard Peters were arrested on allegations that the couple raped their child since the minor was about 11 years old.

Natasha Peters has agreed to fully cooperate with prosecutors and testify against her husband Duayne Peters, strengthening the sexual assault case against him. She pled guilty to Criminal Facilitation of First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct as a Third Degree Felony and faces three years in jail if she does not fully cooperate with the prosecution in the case against Duayne Peters.

Natasha Peters is accused of allowing Duayne Peters to sexually assault a minor for many years.

The mental and emotional health of the victim was kept in mind throughout the duration of this case. The victim has been involved in each step of the criminal justice process, including proposed plea terms and trial preparation.

Prosecutor Christine Tenorio said, “Part of justice is being sensitive to the victim’s mental and emotional needs. Having to relive a traumatic experience during one trial is difficult. Having to relive it by facing your perpetrators at two separate trials may cause additional trauma.”

In addition to the victim’s input and ability to testify, other considerations when deciding whether to make a plea offer and what the terms of a potential plea offer would include the availability of witnesses, the strength of the case against each defendant, and the independent evidence against the defendants. Natasha Peters’ cooperation is vital to the prosecution’s case against Duayne Peters.

The court severed or separated the cases against the two defendants, which would require two trials, because Natasha Peters’s statements could be used against Duayne Peters and he would not have had an opportunity to cross-examine her statements.