National Trust for Historic Preservation Weighs Into Programmatic Agreement Debate, In Opposition


Guam – The National Historic Preservation Trust has joined The Guam Preservation Trust in opposition to the Department of Defense’s proposed “Programmatic Agreement” governing how archaeological finds during the buildup will be dealt with.

A joint letter to NAVFAQ’s Cultural Resources Director William Manley expresses concerns about the DoD plan.

Read the National Trust Letter to NAVFAC’s Manely

Specifically, the letter accuses DoD of:

1. Failing to fully address concerns regarding impacts to Pagat Village

2. Failing to effectively consult with Guam authorities [Section 106 review] during the NEPA process on the military buildup. The letter states that the Trusts are “extremely troubled” that the process has not been followed.

3. Failing to properly involve the public.

4. Failing to propose adequate mitigation plans for the impact of the buildup on historic properties on Guam.

4. Failing to conduct an open and transparent review process.

The letter was jointing signed by the National Trust’s Western Regional Attorney Brian Turner, Deputy National Trust Attorney Elizabeth Merritt and Guam Preservation Trust Chief Program Officer Joe Quinata.

Read the comments from both the Guam and National Trusts for Historic Preservation