National Maritime Week and Transportation Week Proclaimed; Defense Transportation Day Gets A Proclamation Too


Guam – Governor Calvo and Lt. Governor Tenorio proclaimed May 22 through 28 as National Maritime Week, May 15 through 21 as National Transportation Week, and May 20 as National Defense  Transportation Day.  Lt. Governor Tenorio presided at both proclamation signings.

National Maritime Week

The seas are an important part of the people of Guam’s daily life. We rely on maritime operations for security and economic stability on Guam. On May 22, 1933, U.S. Congress declared national maritime day recognizing the first successful transatlantic voyage of the steamship Savannah from the U.S. to England. Today, we honor merchant mariners who defend and support our island. During times of war and global crisis, U.S. Merchant Marines answer the call to defend our people and give aid to those who need it most.

Military Sealift Command on Guam holds job fairs every year.  Today, they employ about 500 locals working around the world.

“We have always had a close working relationship with the Military Sealift Command, U.S. Coast Guard, and private shipping companies.  Governor Calvo and I are committed to strengthening this relationship.  I thank you for the work that you do to defend and support our community,” Tenorio said.

Military Sealift Commander Norman Maple, U.S. Coast Guard Captain Thomas Sparks, Navy League’s John Dennett, and USO’s Leigh Graham was also in attendance.

[ Lt. Governor Tenorio is joined by Commander Norman Maple (seated right of Tenorio) of the Military Sealift Command, members of the U.S. Coast Guard, Navy, and USO]

National Transportation Week and Defense Transportation Day

Guam and America’s transportation system is vital to our daily lives, and ensures our safety and security. The transportation system connects us to the rest of the world bringing us closer and enhancing goods being imported to our island and services utilized by our people. It contributes to the global economy and is critical in bringing visitors to and from our island. In times of global crisis the transportation system acts as the gateway in delivering defense supplies that are aimed at keeping our citizens safe.

Tenorio stated, “You take us where we need to go and help us maintain economic stability. Improving our partnership and transportation infrastructure help us realize economic growth, greater opportunities, and a safer environment for future generations. This administration is committed to working with you to improve the lives of our people.”

Also in attendance were U.S. Army SDDC’s Bob Meno, National Defense Transportation Association Vice-President Frank Leon Guerrero, and representatives from different private shipping companies.

[Lt. Governor Tenorio signs the proclamation while members of the National Defense Transportation Association look on.  The proclamation signing took place on May 16, 2011 at Adelup]