Naval Base Guam implements touchless ID policy at entry control points

Naval Base Guam entrance

SANTA RITA, Guam (March 15, 2020) – To ensure the safety and health of all
those who access U.S. Naval Base Guam (NBG) and Naval Security Forces, a new
policy has been implemented effective immediately for all those entering all
NBG installations to hold up their ID cards for the gate guards to be scanned.


. The sentry will direct the driver of the vehicle to collect all
identification card/access credentials of all in the vehicle.

. The sentry will direct the driver of the vehicle to extend his/her
identification card/access.

. The sentry will observe the picture matches the driver of the vehicle,
observe the identification access credential has not expired and observe the
identification card/access credential for any evidence of tampering.

. The sentry will also direct the driver to flip his/her identification.
. The same steps will be executed for all other occupants in the vehicle.

The touchless ID policy is an effort to minimize the exposure and spread of
germs to both security members and drivers.