Naval Base Guam, Tenant Commands Promote New Chiefs


ASAN, Guam (Sept. 13, 2013) – Sixteen Sailors stationed on Guam were among the first in the Navy in 2013 to accept the rank and responsibility of chief petty officer (CPO) at a pinning ceremony at Top O’ the Mar in Asan, Guam Sept. 13.

Chief selects from U.S. Naval Base Guam, Coastal Riverine Group 1 Det. Guam, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 5, Joint Region Marianas (JRM), Naval Special Warfare Unit (NSWU) 1 and Naval Operations Support Center (NOSC) Guam were welcomed to the Navy’s chiefs’ mess.

Guest speaker, NSWU-1 Command Master Chief (SEAL) Carl Denger, lead the audience in thanking the family members of the chief selects and said they should be proud of their achievements.


“We have great leaders, as smart and dedicated Sailors in all ranks just like you,” he said. “Lean on each other, teach, train, coach, reward, build each other up. Now you have the chiefs’ mess to lean on. You can leverage that pool of talent and resources and all the skills, leadership and experience of the guys who’ve walked the road before you.”

Denger encouraged the chief selects to make the right decisions when faced with challenges, highlighting issues such as sexual assault, terrorism, budget constraints, post-traumatic stress and suicide.  

Following the keynote address, dozens of family members and friends took part in the ceremony by attaching gold anchor pins to their loved one’s khaki uniforms. The chief selects’ sponsors also placed combination covers on each of their heads after they were called to the front of the room.

Chief Operations Specialist (SW/AW) Sean Cadet, of JRM, said becoming a chief petty officer meant he is now part of an exclusive fellowship. Cadet thanked his wife for her support since his enlistment 16 years ago and said that the chiefs he served under also made an impact on his life.

“The way that they operate as a chief, leading from the front, always making wise decisions and the confidence that they display through daily operations is really impressive,” he said. “It was something that inspired me to keep pressing forward.”

Each sponsor chosen by the chief selects played an important role in preparing them for their career advancement. During the six weeks leading up to the ceremony, the chief selects trained under their sponsor’s guidance in Phase II of the year-long development program called CPO 365. 

Chief Master-at-Arms Ron Barcinas, of NOSC Guam, said he was proud to represent Guam’s southern village of Merizo, where he grew up, and he could not have accomplished the advancement without his family and mentors.  

“What I’m looking forward to is to helping out our junior Sailors, to continue to mentor and guide them to the best of my ability,” Barcinas said. “With the strength and guidance of the chiefs’ mess, I’ll carry that further.”