Naval Special Warfare Group Partners with Palauan Security Forces for Communications Training


KOROR, Palau (Dec. 13, 2013) – Two Sailors from Naval Special Warfare Unit 1 (NSWU -1) concluded a communications familiarization seminar with Palauan security forces in Koror Dec. 11.

The Sailors, home-based in Guam, travelled to Palau aboard the USNS 2nd Lt. John P. Bobo (T-AK-3008) last week as part of a Theater Security Cooperation (TSC) mission coordinated and facilitated by the U.S. Defense Representative Political-Military Affairs office.   

“The Naval Special Warfare Unit is going to provide communications skills and work to understand the methods of the Palauan naval security forces,” Capt. Glen Remias, commodore of Maritime Prepositioning Ship Squadron 3, based out of Saipan. “The main objective will be to focus on the tactics, methods and procedures on how to communicate internally, as well as externally.” 

The most advantageous aspect of the overall mission, which also included medical training and community relations, according to Remais, was to be purposeful in their partnership with the host country.

“The TSC mission allows us the opportunity to share useful skills sets to increase our bilateral partnerships with the Republic of Palau,” he said.

Electronics Technology Specialist 1st Class (IDW/SW) Joshua McMann, a communication technician with  NSWU-1 helped facilitate the training and shared best practices with security forces from Palauan police, fire and emergency departments. 

“This training serves two distinct purposes. First of all, we are building partnerships with the Palauans within the communication field. Communications are very important in any mission that we do,” McMann said. “Secondly, we are learning how our allies operate and how we can effectively work together in the future.”

McMann said the benefits of the training include increased capacity for the Palauans to assist in search-and-rescue operations and monitoring commercial fishing.

“Their professionalism is incredible and we seamlessly integrated with them to practice these skills sets,” McMann said. 

Among the skills sets and techniques covered were communication plans and metrics, frequency ranges and uses, radio familiarization, interagency integration of radio systems, with hands-on training of various radio and communications gear.

“The security forces were very motivated and excited going to the training. It was good mutual training for us and them, said Information Technology Specialist 1st Class (IDW/SW) Timothy Lout, attached to NSWU-1. “We accomplished everything that we wanted to do and it was surprising for me that once we started the training, the class was very open to training and learning with us.”