Navy & Air Force Takes Aim on Warning Area – 517 This Week


Guam – The Air Force will conduct training on Warning Area-517 today, Monday,  August 16, and this coming Thursday the 19th  and  Friday the 20th.

The training will last from 7 am until midnight.

The Navy takes its turn on W-517 on Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

The general public especially fisherman, commercial pilots and marine tour operators are advised to stay clear from these areas during the times and dates indicated.

W-517 is an irregular shaped polygon comprising of 14,000 nautical square miles of airspace that begins south of Guam and extends south-southwest in international waters. W-517 supports surface and aerial gunnery, missiles, and laser exercises. This will affect fishing in the vicinity of Santa Rosa Reef and Galvez Bank. W-517 is contained within the following coordinates: 13° 10″N/144° 30″E, 13° 10″N/144° 42″E, 12° 50″N/144° 45″E, 11° 00″N/144° 45″E, 11° 00″N/143° 00″E, 11° 45″N/143° 00″E, 12° 50″N/144° 30″E.