Navy Deputy Assistant Secretary Schregardus Cancels Programmatic Meeting with Guam SHPO


Guam – Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy Donald Schregardus was supposed to meet with Guam state historic preservation officer Lynda Aguon Friday about the controversial programmatic agreement that outlines the way DOD will handle historic artifacts found during the buildup. But that meeting, according to Aguon was canceled without explanation.

Last week, Aguon told PNC news that she felt pressured to sign off on the agreement despite numerous concerns that both she and other organizations had raised about DOD’s plans.

Thursday, the legislature passed a resolution expressing dissatisfaction with the programmatic agreement and Aguon stated that she would not sign the agreement.

“If we can’t come to an agreement or if we don’t have an agreement then we’ll have to talk with them about how they want to proceed,” explained Schregardus.

The programmatic agreement is required by the National Historic Preservation act and Schregardus is confident that they will work out a programmatic agreement that will enable them to move forward with military construction.