Navy Firefighters Honored For Saving 13-Month Old Santa Rita Girl’s Life


Guam – The firefighters and medics who saved the life of a 13 month old girl on Christmas Eve were honored in a ceremony at the Naval Magazine Fire Station this afternoon. Cameryn Naungauta was unresponsive and unconscious when her parents brought her to the Naval Magazine gate for help just 9 days ago. But seeing Cameryn healthy today was just as emotional for the firefighters as it was for her parents.

“Oh my goodness I can’t explain the emotion, to see that she’s actually here,” NBG FES Captain Nick Perez told PNC. “Usually we’re going out there to meet them but this time they came to us. Thats the first thatime that ever happened.”

Perez, Firefighters Andrew Babas and Ted Borja and Paramedic Gregory Simon were the first responders who assisted Cameryn.

Clint Diaz brought his daughter to Naval Magazine after she started choking on a piece of food because its only two minutes away from their Santa Rita home.

“She was all hot, her whole body was hot and we were like lets go we’ll take her to the fire station but already when we were getting to go she was just her whole face outline turned red,” Diaz recalled. “She was just all blue.”

Medics at the fire station performed approximately ten back blows to dislodge the obstruction in Cameron’s throat and then delivered oxygen to her airways. She was taken to GMH and was later able to come home.

Diaz, Cameryn’s mother Emily Nangauta and 7 year-old brother Coda Nangauta were at the ceremony today to thank the firefighters and medics.

“I can’t tell them how much I appreciate them,” Diaz said. “That was the best Christmas gift I ever got you know to still have her.”