Navy Grants Governor’s Request for Extension On Programmatic Agreement Deadline


Guam – The Navy has approved the Calvo-Tenorio administration’s request for an extension on the Programmatic Agreement deadline.

The approval comes just two days after the request was sent.

“I am pleased to inform you the Department of the Navy has agreed to Governor Calvo’s request to extend the deadline for executing the Programmatic Agreement (PA) until January 31, 2011,” Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy Donald Schregardus wrote to Department of Parks and Recreation Director Pete Calvo and Ms. Lynda Aguon. The letter is dated January 12, 2011.


Governor Calvo wants to correct reports regarding the preservation board, his commitment to Pagat and the Guam First Commission:

1.     He did not call for any resignations from the board.

2.     His policy on Pagat has not changed.

3.     His policy on the Guam First Commission has not changed.