Navy Suspended Commissary Privileges On Sunday ONLY; The Policy Remains in Effect For A Trial Period


Guam –  Over the weekend the Commissary had an excessive amount of visitors and had to turn away guests on Sunday afternoon.  As part of the policy change, guest privileges may be restricted on high volume, special sales or authorized shoppers days that will be announced in advance. The policy could
be revoked for an unspecified amount of time if the Navy Exchange or Commissary are tracking shortages in stock or excessively crowded stores.

The policy has not changed and will remain in effect for a trial period.

We would like to remind everyone that the guests are accompanying the shopper, not shopping themselves. This new guest policy is for the
convenience of the shopper, who might otherwise have to leave a sponsored guest at home, in the car or waiting in the NEX food court. If you are found
violating the policy, you can have your shopping privileges revoked.The short-lived policy to allow civilian guests to escort id card holders into the Orote Commissary and Navy exchange has been suspended until further notice.

Numerous complaints were made by shop keepers, base residents, active duty military personnel and ID card holders that the new policy that went into

Guest escorts will no longer be able to accompany ID cardholders to the Navy Exchange or commissary.