NAWMU-1 Welcomes New Commanding Officer


Guam –  Naval Airborne Weapons Maintenance Unit (NAWMU) 1 held a change of command ceremony at the Top O’ the Mar in Asan Thursday, April 25.

Cmdr. William Bell relieved Cmdr. Dion Edon as NAWMU-1’s commanding officer (CO).

Commander, Fleet Air Forward Chief of Staff Capt. Gary Deal was the event’s guest speaker and commended Edon for his accomplishments as the command’s CO for the past three years.

“Dion’s passion and dedication in every area has been contagious throughout NAWMU-1 both in the work spaces and out in the community,” Deal said. “For the men and women of NAWMU-1, you are saying farewell to a passionate officer, a remarkable leader and someone who will continue to influence your lives and careers for many years to come.” 

Deal then awarded Edon with the Meritorious Service Medal for displaying unparalleled leadership during his tour including successfully deploying 14 missile maintenance detachments around the world and reprogramming 15,000 air-launched missiles and related airborne-weapon components valued at more than $870 million in support of combat operations and the Navy’s ordnance positioning plans.

After receiving his award, Edon addressed his command and shared fond memories he and his family will take as they depart Guam.

“As I have acknowledged to my Sailors on countless occasions, and will openly confirm for you today, your efforts have not gone un-noticed and I am truly thankful to those present today as well as those NAWMU-1 Sailors that have moved on to other activities,” he said. “Pat and I have enjoyed our command tour and can say without reservations to Bill and Patty you are going to have a wonderful time in Guam and build friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Edon and Bell read their orders and Bell officially assumed command of NAWMU-1. 

“Thank you Dion for leaving me with an outstanding command, a command that has a reputation worldwide of, ‘If it comes from NAWMU-1, it is without a doubt ready to be launched,’” Bell said. “Thank you to the NAWMU-1 Sailors, chiefs and officers, thank you for your professionalism and can-do attitude.”

Bell reports to NAWMU-1 after serving as the gun boss on USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) and has supported numerous operations including United Nations Sanctions Enforcements, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Edon will report to Commander, Naval Air Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet as the weapons officer.

NAWMU 1 is a munitions maintenance activity and combat support unit manned and operated to conduct intermediate and selected depot level maintenance. The command tests and repairs air and select surface-launched missiles and guided weapons and components in support of the U.S. Navy worldwide.