NBG Orote Commissary to begin opening at 8 a.m. daily


Effective Sunday, Nov. 29 Orote Commissary will be open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, except on Tuesdays for their regular closure.

“We at Team NBG are committed to seeing all of our patrons through this pandemic,” said NBG Commanding Officer Capt. Jeffrey Grimes. “We know how critical the Orote Commissary operations are and because of this we will continue looking at ways to improve, while still maintaining the safety and security of our installation and its operations.”

All valid ID card holders including, retirees and their dependents, and Veteran Health Identification Card (VHIC) holders are able to access NBG installations every day of the week.

All patrons must adhere to the following policies and procedures:

.       If you are Sick – Stay Home! Patrons who are experiencing flu-like
symptoms will not be permitted access to NBG Installations or Navy Exchange
(NEX) and Orote Commissary facilities. These patrons should stay at home or
otherwise isolate themselves and telephonically contact appropriate medical
.       The use of face coverings is mandatory when entering NBG
installations and all on-base facilities to include the NEX and Orote
Commissary. Those who are NOT wearing a face covering will NOT be allowed
entry into any NBG facilities.
.       While inside NEX, Orote Commissary and NBG facilities, and while
waiting to enter these facilities, all patrons must adhere to strict social
distancing practices and remain no less than six feet away from all other
persons to the greatest extent possible.
.       The parking lot for the Orote Commissary will only be open when the
store opens. Patrons are advised to abide by all posted traffic signs and
markings. Patrons are advised to NOT move or drive around traffic cones and
barriers. Patrons shall NOT enter the parking lot until Security opens it.
.       The number of personnel shopping per family should be minimized to
the maximum extent possible. Wherever feasible, it is strongly recommended
that children should not accompany shoppers. If children do accompany
shoppers, parents must ensure children maximize social distancing and
prevent unnecessary interactions with other patrons.
.       To preserve inventory of critical public health supplies, the
Commissary and NEX may limit the purchase of certain high-demand items for
.       To ensure equitable distribution of commercial products, NEX and
Commissary will continue to limit patrons to one (1) shopping cart per
family. Additionally, patrons are prohibited from making purchases which are
excessive or unreasonably disproportionate in volume.  Excessive purchasing
of all products will be monitored and enforced.  There will be no restock of
cleaning/sanitation supplies during the day.

NBG, in consultation with public health authorities, will continue to evaluate and make changes to NBG policies, as required, to ensure a proper balance between public health and mission readiness. All persons are encouraged to monitor NBG social media for updates.

(News release from Naval Base Guam)