Nearly 47 Thousand Registered Voters So Far


Voter registration ends on August 17th.

Guam – As of June 15th there are nearly 47 thousand registered voters.

Guam Election Commission Executive Director Maria Pangelinan believes they will break 47 thousand registered voters by the end of the Month. There is still time to register. The deadline to register to vote is ten days before the primary election or August 17th . The last election had over 51 thousand registered voters but that was a gubernatorial election. The last non-gubernatorial election had 50,701 registered voters in the general election and 49,120 registered in the primary election.

“Traditionally or historically they say that non-gubernatorial elections we don’t have as many registered voters. We don’t have as much voter participation, but this one is an exciting one so we’ll see and hopefully we change that trend,” said Pangelinan.


Volunteer registrar terms end on August 5th but district registration also begins on August 5th and lasts until August 17th. District registration allows you to register at your village Mayor’s office.