Nearly half of adjudicated survivors have already filed with the war claims processing center

Photo shows the temporary war claims processing center in Tamuning. (PNC file photo)
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Administration officials say that nearly half of the estimated 700 locally adjudicated war claim survivors have filed for reparations with the war claims processing center.

Tony Babauta, the governor’s chief of staff, told K-57’s Patti Arroyo this morning that two test batches of 20 and 30 completed claim applications were sent off to the U.S. Treasury Department on Friday.

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Before the end of this week, they should be approved allowing for the first checks to be cut.

“I would think 72 hours would be enough time for the Treasury to be able to verify, especially since we sent them in small batches that kind of gets them to ease the workload in terms of taking a look at a group of folks and going through that list and verifying them,” Babauta said.

Babauta said that he expects in the coming days they’ll be processing claims from the roughly 700 other survivors who now live in the states.