Calvo Responds “That’s the Pot Calling the Kettle Black”


Guam – It’s been less than four days since the primary election and the campaign trail is already heating up. In fact the Democrat gubernatorial team of Guttierez/Aguon have fired the first shot.


The Guttierez/Aguon team sent out an email today that talks about party unity and about welcoming Cruz – Espaldon supporters. The letter says they will “welcome the Cruz-Espaldon supporters who are looking for a place to call home after the nasty personal attacks that were meant to humiliate the Lt. Governor and his running mate in the “win at all costs” strategy employed by the Calvo-Tenorio campaign.

“That’s the pot calling the kettle black. Of all persons to say that, governor Gutierrez. I run a very positive campaign I’m sure everyone sees that,” replied Senator Eddie Calvo.

Calvo says that it is Gutierrez who has employed “win at all costs” strategies. He says that this is precisely why Calvo-Tenorio have been getting a lot of Democratic support. “Before the primary, there has been a lot of participation from many democrats. Many democrats from the Underwood faction from the Bordallo faction, many folks that have never even been in politics. They are tired of the destructive politics of the past.” 20:02

As for supporters from the Cruz-Espaldon team, Calvo says he’s been reaching out to them and even had a lunch with them on Sunday at their headquarters. But he would not say whether or not Cruz has personally pledged his endorsement. “He’s working with us and of course what he wants us to do is to reach out to his people. He wants his people to feel comfortable and that’s what ray and I are doing.”

Meanwhile Former Governor Carl Gutierrez was not available for comment today, but according to Gutierrez – Aguon media relations manager Josh Tenorio, the former governor has been busy in meetings all day, many of those meetings according to Tenorio was with Cruz-Espaldon supporters