Negotiations Begin to Renovate Simon Sanchez High School


Part of the RFP states that GEFF would be given two years to complete the $100-million dollar project.

Guam – The Guam Department of Education and the Guam Educational Facilities Foundation will be negotiating and planning the renovations to Simon Sanchez High School.

This follows the Department of Public Work’s decision to deny the protest of Core Tech, one of the offerers. According to Acting Deputy Director Arleen Pierce, Core Tech did not appeal DPW’s determination and the RFP’s negotiating committee will convene to see if it can negotiate acceptable contract terms and conditions. After a process that took over two years, GEFF was identified as the highest qualified bidder to reconstruct Simon Sanchez High School and develop the Comprehensive Capital Improvement Program for the Department of Education. In December of last year, DPW received three offers from the Guam Educational Facilities Foundation, Pernix Guam, and Core Tech International.

GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez says they’re pressed for time but also very careful in the process. He says, “Negotiations are ongoing. I don’t think there’s a time frame for completion with the negotiations except we want it done as soon as possible but we also want to make sure we do it correctly, done right, so we don’t rush and end up with the mistakes and the issues we’ve seen in prior work. We also want to be able to take advantage of the good market conditions in regards to financing. With all those in place, we want to make sure it’s done correctly.”

At an oversight hearing for GDOE last year, DPW told lawmakers that the renovations for Simon Sanchez High School, at the best scenario, would begin in December 2016. Part of the RFP states that GEFF would be given two years to complete the $100-million dollar project.