Neighbor who called 911 testifies in Keith Castro murder trial

George Taitano lives in the same Yigo neighborhood as Matthew Sablan. (Media pool photo)

A neighbor who heard gunshots and called 911 was called to the witness stand at the Keith Castro murder trial today.

George Taitano lives in the same Yigo neighborhood as Matthew Sablan.

Castro was shot outside Sablan’s Yigo home back in July 2019. Joshua Palacios is on trial for Castro’s murder.

Palacios was accused of pulling the trigger on the gun that killed Castro.

During today’s trial, defense counsel Tom Fisher asked Taitano if he could recall the evening when the shooting occurred.

Taitano says he was at home, in the garage, and cleaning up when he heard gunshots.

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“Yes. There was this truck driving by, went back up — then it went back in. I heard arguments inside the truck. I think he was arguing with somebody and then proceeded to the back and then I heard gunshots. That’s the time I called 911,” Taitano said.

Taitano says he saw the truck go in the house and pick up somebody halfway in. But because it was not well-lighted, he couldn’t see if it was a man or a woman.

Assistant Attorney General Richelle Canto asked Taitano if he saw any other vehicle going into Sablan’s house. Taitano answered: “Prior to that … no ma’am.”

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Canto asked: “Is it true that you told police many vehicles went into Matt Sablan’s house that night?” Taitano answered: “On a daily basis yes.”

Last week, Matthew Sablan, who lives in the house where the shooting happened, was called into the witness stand. He told the jury he couldn’t identify the people involved on the night of the incident.

The trial continues tomorrow.