Neighbors report reckless driving in area where boy died

(PNC photo)

Guam – Parents know that in the blink of an eye anything can happen especially when it comes to small children. This is the tragedy that struck Tuesday night, leaving a family who was supposed to be celebrating a birth today now mourning the loss of their 4-year old boy.

It was here in Mangga Court in Dededo where a red Toyota Corolla struck 4-year old Jericho David.

The driver reportedly had a history of driving recklessly through the small neighbourhood, according to resident Regine Billuk.

“I had told officers that came by and they said they couldn’t do anything until I had proof so once I got my proof on my phone, which shows a truck of this family member that hit this child, all I said was – can you come down and try to catch these people?” Billuk said.

She added, “Again, because like i said, it’s residential. They shouldn’t be flying in or out of this road, and now what happened.”

Billuk lives across the street from the home of the 4-year old boy and recalled hearing the tragic event as it unfolded.

She said it could have been avoided if authorities took immediate action.

“This vehicle, the red one and a blue truck, is the same family that flies in and out of this road. Why do you think my child does not come out?” she said.

According to Billuk, she spoke with police who told her to get some proof. She said the police could have spoken to the individuals who drive recklessly around her neighbourhood.

PNC was on the scene last night as detectives surrounded the red Toyota sedan.

Billuk said after the little boy was hit by the vehicle, he was seen laying on the ground shaking as witnesses attempted CPR.

Police spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao said the driver of the sedan was traveling south on Mangga Court when the child was struck.

The 4-year old was transported to Guam Regional Medical City where he was pronounced dead by attending physicians.

At this time, no arrests have been made.

PNC has reached out to GPD for comment regarding Billuk’s claim that the the tragedy could have been averted if police took action, however no response was received as of news time.

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