Nelson bill would fund DOC recruitment effort

DOC Adult Correctional Facility Mangilao (PNC file photo)

Vice Speaker Telena Nelson has proposed a measure that would provide $500,000 to the Department of Corrections to conduct a correctional officer recruit cycle over the next two fiscal years.

Bill No. 227-35 is cosponsored by Senators Joe S. San Agustin and Jose “Pedo” Terlaje.

A release from the senator’s office states that prison leadership expressed their concerns to Nelson about the shortage of manpower when she visited the prison recently. And that shortage of manpower “has contributed to their challenges.”

“The leadership at DOC has made it clear that shortages in manpower have contributed to several of the challenges they’re facing, including erroneous releases,” said Vice Speaker Telena Nelson.

“By affording DOC the funding for more correctional officers, we trust that the prison will become more efficient and secure, and provide our community the heightened level of safety they expect.”