Nelson reassured by GovGuam coronavirus response


Following a Friday briefing on the new coronavirus led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and key government agencies, Vice Speaker Telena Cruz Nelson has been reassured and has reconsidered her request that the Guam International Airport Authority (GIAA) suspend all flights coming from countries that have confirmed cases of the disease.

The CDC and GIAA have provided assurances that passengers boarding flights to Guam from countries with confirmed cases of coronavirus are being screened before boarding and upon arriving on island.

The Vice Speaker is confident that these measures, in addition to the proactive efforts of other key organizations, will help protect and defend the people of Guam as the threat of coronavirus remains.

According to Nelson, the initial request to suspend flights to Guam from countries that have confirmed coronavirus cases was made at the beckoning of the island community, who called for quicker action from their leaders, out of an abundance of caution, as the disease continues to spread regionally and globally. The new coronavirus has largely been described as an emerging, rapidly evolving situation with global experts uncertain of how dangerous the disease may be or become.

“While our island is fortunate to not see any confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, we must acknowledge that many of Guam’s regional neighbors and tourism markets do have confirmed cases and, it was only prudent of us to consider all preventative measures,” Nelson said in a news release.

She added: “In light of the many forces coming together to ensure our island and people are protected, I have humbly reconsidered asking the airport to suspend flights. However, as the situation evolves, our island should still consider additional measures that put the health and safety of our community and families first.”