Netflix film brought $250,000 in revenues to Guam

Vice Speaker Tina Muna Barnes (Guam Legislature photo)

The Netflix movie filmed on location on Guam brought in about $250,000 in revenues to various Guam businesses, Speaker Tina Muna Barnes said.

The Speaker, who is pushing for the establishment of a Guam Film Office, wrote a letter to the Guam Visitors Bureau explaining the benefits that a film office could bring to Guam.

“In the short time that Netflix was here filming on Guam, a quarter-million dollars were spent on 2,000 room nights in four local hotels. About 50 cars were rented from local businesses for one to two months. Trucks and trailers were rented from local businesses,” the Speaker wrote.

In addition, she said 50 Guamanians were hired and trained as crew members, and hundreds of extras were hired for background work. Over $200,000 was expended to local service industries as well.

In her letter to GVB President and CEO Pilar Laguana, the Speaker also said the level of courtesy, respect, and professionalism extended to the Guam Visitors Bureau goes above and beyond the level of courtesy extended to any other stakeholder.

Earlier, Laguana said the GVB was “neither given the respect nor courtesy” of discussing the measure with the bill’s author.

But the Speaker said GVB officials and staff were invited to a debrief by Wayne Middleton, the production supervisor of the Netflix “Operation Christmas Drop” movie filmed on Guam.

“It is unfortunate that both you and Mr. Alvarez didn’t see it fit to attend. During this meeting, it was brought up that there had been a shortcoming by the Government of Guam with regards to our role in a thriving film industry. I had brought up the fact that I had introduced Bill 152-35 as a means to stimulate a new industry on Guam, one that can create jobs, bring in visitors, as well as provide a new way of generating revenue for our island,” the Speaker said.

She added: “The Film Office is more than a means to generate revenue, it is also a mechanism to create jobs and also give hands-on training in a new field for the people of Guam should they choose to choose film-making as a profession.”