Netty Cee Captivates Viewers Across Social Media Platforms with Entertaining Content


Netty Cee has captivated viewers across social media platforms with her entertaining content and vibrant spirit. Not only can she make you laugh, but she sure can cook– and could also rap.

PNC’s Destiny Cruz has more…

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Antonette Castro, more widely known as “Netty Cee,” is a rapper, part-time comedian, and foodie from Saipan.

The fun-loving personality has amassed a large following across her social media platforms for her relatable and infectious humor that she showcases through her content, comprising of eating videos and delicious recipe tutorials, which she uses her original music to accompany.

PNC had the opportunity to interview the musician and content creator in the studio this morning, who shared her meteoric rise to internet popularity.

Netty Cee said, “So I started posting my recipes, or family recipes really– or how to just cook food, and I incorporated my songs into those, and now, people are like, “Oh my gosh, you rap? You sing?” you know, whatever, and I’m like, “Oh my gosh!” that’s why I got onto Tiktok!”

With 13,000 followers on Instagram alone, it is easy to believe that success came quickly for Castro. But instead, she proves that hard work and dedication are the secret behind her accomplishments, as she dedicated her talents as a teacher while simultaneously juggling waiting tables before pursuing her musical and social media career.

She delved deeper into her personal and musical background, sharing that it wasn’t until after the loss of her mother and upon meeting a fellow content creator that inspired her to go after her aspiration to rap, starting with posting covers to Youtube.

“When I lost my mom, it kind of just threw my life out of balance, and I’m like, oh my gosh, how do I get back to feeling secure like that? My job was paying the bills– but that’s really all that it was doing– and I don’t wanna keep working to pay bills–you know, who wants that, right? So, I had to be really creative, I’m like, how do I get out there, and I met a Youtuber when I was waiting tables– I was teaching and waiting tables.”

Netty was further encouraged to write original music, crediting her late grandfather, who was a songwriter, and Grammy award-winning recording artist Cardi B, as musical inspiration.

Castro comes from humble beginnings. She spoke about her ability to relate to the rapper regarding working hard to achieve her goals and support her family.

Netty Cee said,  “She had to do what she did to get to where she’s at–, and a lot of times, she feels like she has to carry the weight of her family on her shoulders– and my family can carry themselves, right?

She added, “For me, a lot of times, what I’m doing, I hope will benefit my family in the future–automatically– it’s not even a question, it’s for my family, not only for me. So when I come up, my family comes up.”

The rapper is currently visiting Guam to film her new music video for her single, “Nothing into Something,” which fans can enjoy listening to on all streaming platforms. To keep up with this woman to watch, individuals can find her at @nettyceeofficial on social media.

Destiny Cruz, PNC News First.