Network Providers Update Customers on Cell Phone, Internet, and Cable Services


Guam’s service providers provided PNC with the following updates for their customers today


Official statement from DOCOMO PACIFIC:

“Throughout Typhoon Dolphin, most of DOCOMO PACIFIC’s mobile services remained operational.  As of today, some areas of Piti and the University of Guam are still down. Meantime, we are working to ensure our fixed services will be available once customers have power restored to their respective areas.”


Official statement from GTA:


GTA response teams are fully engaged and making progress in restoring wireless and wireline services. We expect to make continued progress as power and other infrastructure issues are resolved.


Wireless Restoration:
• More than 95% of our cell sites are up and running.
• Maintenance was completed last night which resolved many of the issues that contributed to unsuccessful call completions and dropped calls. We are observing significant improvement in 3G performance today and our LTE network is now stable.
• Three Cell Sites remain down, including the Orote site located inside the Navy Base, Okkodo and Talofofo Village. The site at the back gate of Andersen (Upi) was down this morning due to a power issue, but is now back in service. Various power related issues continue to affect the remaining three sites that are down.
• Now that the core network is stable and almost all sites are in operation, we will focus on optimizing each site, which should lead to ongoing improvements throughout the week.

Wireline Restoration (Broadband, Digital TV, and Landline):
• All of our core network for voice, internet and TV are operational and performing at a stable level.
• Most of the remaining work relates to diagnosing and resolving connectivity between our network and the equipment inside customers’ homes and offices. We are prioritizing our resources to existing customers who have reported a trouble ticket. This could lead to some delays for new installs.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to resolve all remaining issues. –GTA

Official Statement from IT&E:

On behalf of IT&E, I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that the gaps in service caused by Typhoon Dolphin have caused you, and would like to assure you that the IT&E staff is working tirelessly to restore any disruption in service that you are experiencing.  To date, 95% of our 4G sites and 73% of our larger network of GSM and CDMA sites are in service and carrying our subscribers’ traffic. We are working around the clock to restore the remaining sites to full, pre-typhoon service levels.

Although extensive preparation was completed, the extended loss of power to 90% of our network cell sites has required significant repair and support activities.

IT&E is committed to continually enhancing the survivability of our network and the lessons learned from Typhoon Dolphin we be incorporated into our plans to ensure that our subscribers can continue to communicate despite extreme weather conditions. 

We will provide daily updates via social media and monitor network performance issues reported to the call center. Please call 922-4ITE (4483) to report any problems you are having with the network.

Thank you once again to all of our loyal customers,

Jim Oehlerking
PTI, Inc.

Official Statement from i-Connect

“We experience minor hiccups as a result of power fluctuations but overall there were no major issues,” Terry Flores, Marketing Coordinator