A New Airline, “Fly Guam,” To Begin Service Later This Year


Guam – Locally owned Freedom Air and Hong Kong-based World Aviation Incorporated Ltd., have announced the two companies will join forces to form Fly Guam, an international carrier scheduled to begin service from Guam to major Asian cities towards the end of the fourth quarter of 2010.

The airline’s marketing strategy includes integrating the “Hafa Adai Spirit” into everything from in-flight meals and employee uniforms to a quarterly in-flight magazine, said Fly Guam spokesman and WAI CEO Jeffrey Stern.  The Guam brand signature will also appear on each of the airline’s planes.

“Introducing another air carrier into the industry influences more competitive pricing for local residents and potential visitors,” said GVB General Manager Gerald S.A. Perez. “But the excitement that comes with the introduction of Fly Guam extends far beyond the price of tickets. The founding principles of this company are a real tribute to how our brand can transcend into the business community. Practices like serving Chamorro food on flights, featuring images of the island on the aircraft, and integrating our Guam brand signature will begin the Guam experience for visitors when they board the plane.”  

The airline will service Taipei, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Osaka, Manila, Palau and Seoul.  Fly Guam will begin operations with two Boeing aircraft 737-300 with seating capacity of 112 economy class seats and 12 business class seats.

Tickets will be sold on the Fly Guam website once it launches in the immediate future, as well as through travel agents, and city ticket offices in the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China (Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou), and Japan.