New Bill Would Classify Chemicals in Drug “Spice” as Controlled Substances


Guam – A new bill has been introduced into the 31st Guam Legislature to combat the abuse of the drug known as “Spice.” Spice or “K2” is a mixture of herbs and spices sprayed in a synthetic chemical to mimic the effect of marijuana.  The drug is being sold at head shops around the island.

Vice Speaker BJ Cruz and Senator Frank Blas Jr teamed up to work on legislation that revises an already existing law to prohibit the new form of the drug spice. The legislation was necessary because spice manufactures found a way around an already existing law by changing the chemicals used to make the drug. Senator Blas says the new legislation, introduced as Bill 386, targets the three chemicals that are needed to make the substance.

“The legislation further classifies these chemicals as Schedule 1 Controlled Substances basically meaning there is no medicinal value there is no reason you should be putting it into your body thereby making it a felony to possess much less sell,” said Senator Blas. “Hopefully this will take care of the issue of this drug.”

Senator Blas notes that even if the bill does become law new legislation will likely be needed in the future but he hopes it will put a stop to the abuse of Spice for now.

“It does damage to the body and prolonged use and some case, first time use can cause some very major damage and have some very serious consequences,” the Senator warned. “I highly discourage anybody from doing this. Lets have a safe Holiday.”