New book details Guam’s history through architecture

The book is filled with pictures and drawings of various structures throughout the island.

The Guam Preservation Trust has launched a new book detailing Guam’s history through architecture.

Filled with pictures and drawings of various structures throughout the island, “Architecture and Architects of Guam” isn’t just about buildings, but about the people and historic eras that helped make them.

The book is the product of GPT pioneer Jack Jones, who compiled input about the projects he and over two dozen architects did on Guam.

Joe Quinata, GPT’s Chief Program Officer, says that “Architecture and Architects of Guam” offers insight into how things were built on the island — from foundations made of Latte stone to tin roofs and concrete walls.

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“We needed to also include much more than buildings. We needed to look at the past — the builders of the past. We need to look at the builders right after the war and the builders we have today. So, you’re seeing almost like an inventory of architectural heritage here on Guam,” Quinata said.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, you can contact the Guam Preservation Trust by calling 472-9439. A copy costs $50.