New Changes and Updates for GDOE Campuses

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The Guam Department of Education will see new changes, from Simon Sanchez High School and George Washington High School renovations, ranging from fixing air conditioning systems and restrooms.

Interim Superintendent Francis Santos said, “Now that the Governor signed the financing thing, we’re going to go ahead and start the procurement process for Simon Sanchez.”

Santos added, “The good news is the money that we have–we’re going to go out and fix the air conditioning systems at all our schools. And when I say all our schools, I mean all our schools.”

With the help of GPA, HVAC and electrical assessments will also be given to all 38 schools. Renewable energy and LED lights will

The Interim Superintendent added that restrooms, walkways, canopies, and roofing will either be added or renovated.

Santos said, “Canopies and walkways–those are all the little parts when you walk into the schools. We’re going to fix all of those. Because that’s a constant part of the schools. Believe it or not, we’re going to fix the restrooms in all our schools. And of course, there are roofing issues at every single school in our system.”

GDOE’s capital improvement project will cost around $100M.

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