New Circulation Near Marshall Islands


NWS says it is expected to weaken over time but will need to be monitored.

Guam – According to the National Weather Service, a small circulation was spotted near the Marshall Islands last night. Earlier this morning, it was seen around southwest of Majuro at about 6N 170E, or about 1,790 miles away from Guam.


As for the future forecast of this tropical disturbance, NWS continually explains that the it is expected to weaken, but will need to be watched closely on how it will react to the convergence scheduled to arrive late next week, as the disturbance could result in increasing the amount of rainfall. “Model solutions remain unaggressive in developing the tropical disturbance near Majuro…but system will need to be monitored.” the Weather Service writes this morning. Similarly in last night’s discussion, NWS wrote, “For now the models tend to weaken it over time…but it could still give a boost to the convergence that may set up next week.”