New Citrus Greening Disease Threatens Lemon Calamansi and Other Citrus Trees


Citrus Greening Disease Wreaked Havoc on Florida Oranges

Guam – There is a virus on Guam that is attacking the island’s citrus trees. This means lemon, calamansi and local tangerines are all susceptible.


 It’s called Citrus Greening Disease and it was found on Guam a few months ago. UOG Entomologist Dr. Ross Miller says the virus deforms citrus fruit and makes them taste bitter. The disease also causes the leaves to fall off the tree until it ultimately kills the tree. Dr. Miller says the disease can affect any kind of citrus tree including non-citrus trees that are related to the citrus family. “We’ve found it in several sites up in Dededo Central Guam and Southern Guam so it looks like it’s probably here to stay. We’re still surveying for it in Saipan Tinian and Rota where we don’t believe it’s reached yet so at the moment the only place in Micronesia that we know this disease is is here on Guam,” said Dr. Miller.

 Dr. Miller says it’s the same disease that has already wreaked havoc in the mainland to Florida’s orange industry.