New concept bar “Splash” opens at Underwater World


Guam – There’s a new local spot where you can enjoy food and drinks while being mesmerized by aquatic life: it’s the new Splash Bar and & Café!

Brought to you by the owners of Underwater World, Splash is a new concept in nightlife and entertainment. At a grand opening last night, Splash unveiled its concept bar which is located in an exclusive area of Underwater World.

Guests can enjoy food and beverages under a moonlit lagoon surrounded by unique sea creatures. The bar is open from 5 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. and during the early hours, the music will be mellow and controlled to allow for easy conversation but as the night goes on, the bar will become more lively.

General Manager Jeff Schindler explains how they came up with the concept of Splash.

“Over time we know that we need to bring out new products so we decided to do something with our gallery area and interestingly enough we’re trying to theme it to something and we kept thinking about a mermaid and a mermaid’s tail and how it creates in us and we all were sort of thinking to ourselves we need to make a splash into this. And then we said a mermaid with the s splash and hence now we have Splash Bar & Café and that’s how we came up with the concept. We knew we had the exhibits here, we knew we had the space, we knew it was unique, we knew it was exclusive, so we said to ourselves let’s give it a shot,” said Schindler.

The food will be provided by sister company Sea Grill restaurant, headed by Chef Ray.

Guests can also sign up for annual membership for some great discounts. In fact, Schindler says they have a great promo going on right now for 75 percent off their annual membership.

“We’re offering a 75 percent discount on our annual memberships. So for $22.25, not only will you get an annual membership, exclusive membership in the Splash, we’re gonna buy your first drink, we’re gonna buy your first appetizer, but it doesn’t stop there, every time you come in here for 365 days a year, we’re gonna give you 25 percent off your bill,” noted Schindler.

The promo lasts until this Sunday. To take advantage of the discount, you can visit Splash Bar & Cafe or you can sign up online at and use the promo code “splash.”