New Concrete Canopies for DL Perez Elementary


The Guam Department of Education looks to provide schools with new concrete canopies — starting with DL Perez Elementary. 

Reporting on this story is PNC’s Damen Michael

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The U.S  Department of Interior funded a construction project of approximately 700,000 dollars to build and replace walkway canopies at DL Perez Elementary School. 

Students before, during, and after school could be affected by the harsh weather conditions that Guam offers. 

Deputy Superintendent Erika Cruz and Governor Lour Leon Guerrero commented on what these concrete canopies do for students. 

Deputy Superintendent Cruz said, “Our island has two seasons dry season and wet season we are in the wet season it’s important that we have these canopies so our student resin dry and safe from the inclement weather. ”

Governor Leon Guerrero added, ” This groundbreaking for our canopy for our kids is just one way of sharing that like Erika said we are either dry or wet and this canopy will help in both seasons to help shade our children as they walk to school and also help protect them from getting wet. ”

Additionally multiple other GDOE Schools will be receiving construction projects to help keep students safe. 

Reporting for the Pacific News Center 

I’m Damen Michael