VIDEO: New GMH CEO Puts Safety and Quality Ahead of Financial Decisions


Guam – Joseph Verga has been on the job as the new CEO for Guam Memorial Hospital for just three days now but he already has a list of priorities to guide the future of the hospital.

Verga is working on a road map for the future of GMH built around what he calls “ACES + Q”  That stands for Accountability, Cost effectiveness, Excellence in service, Safety and Quality.

“As we move forward I can tell the people of Guam that that will be first and foremost on my mind every single day in every single decision we make at the hospital,” Verga said of the five priorities.

Verga has already taken a look at the the “C” in th ACES + Q model.

“I spent some time already looking at you know how we can increase revenue how we can cut costs by being more cost effective and I’ve already identified some opportunities there in this short space of time” Verga told PNC.

However the new CEO says finances should not be the guiding factor in making decision, even with the financial struggles GMH has been facing for several years.

“Finances are important and its the life blood of the hospital as everyone knows,” Verga said. “But fiances are just one facet of the hospital.”

Verga isn’t just looking at changing the way GMH operates he wants to see physical improvements made as well.

“Ultimately what I’d like to see at some point in my tenure is a new GMH physically as well,” Verga said.