New Governor Could Have Control Over Guam Education Board


Guam – Since the Guam policy board was changed to the Guam Education Board, some of its board members were confused on whether or not there will be an up coming election for five vacant positions on the board .


The Guam Election Commission chair John Blas says there may have been a bit of confusion with the new public law 30-183.

He says in GEC’s formal review and discussion of the law, GEC agreed that there would be an election for at least 5 seats,  However,  the commission received a copy of the signed law, reviewed a couple of sections of the law, and determined that there will not be an election based on the new law.

Blas says its final, there will not be an election for the 5 vacant seats.

In the new law, it reads that the new governor will have the authority to appoint 3 people of its a 9 person board.
But Attorney Frank Gumataotao, the legal counsel for the School board says his take on the new law is, the new governor, whoever he is, will be able to appoint all 5 board members. Not just the three that are provided by statute, because the vacancies that are created by the lack of an election.

Gumataotao says without this election, the new governor could have control over the Guam Education Board.

According to Gumataotao,  “Its nine people, on that board. it take five people to rule. five people are the majority. Five people can make decisions so if the governor is appointing 5 people and they are in sync with whatever the governor wants, Then the governor is going to be making the decisions, although it may be indirectly, he’s going to, make the decisions.  Are we back to where we were before , I don’t know, we will see.”