New GovGuam Wellness Program Kicks Off


Guam- The Government of Guam’s new wellness program launched Tuesday morning at Adelup. Led by Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio, the new program has SelectCare teaming up with various fitness organizations and businesses to help incorporate healthier lifestyles, exercise and eating better into the overall health policy within GovGuam.

Public Health Director James Gillan understands many people feel uncomfortable going to the gym. So he mentions, their goal is to make these wellness initiatives more welcoming and accepted with GovGuam workers.

“We know the payoff is that healthier employees become more productive” said Gillan. “They tend not to have as many chronic diseases so that puts less pressure on the health care system. So all of it is really a win for everybody.”

Gillan says GovGuam always had a workplace wellness program, but it died somehow. He adds this new program allows time for wellness, but holds people accountable.