New Guam liberation book now available

The new Guam liberation commemorative book is priced at $45 and interested buyers can pick it up at the Guam Museum or the Governor's Office in Adelup.

Just in time for the 75th anniversary of Guam’s liberation, a new book commemorating the event has been published by the Guam Liberation Day Committee.

World War II placed the island of Guam under a brutal occupation that lasted three years until the U.S. Marines landed in the shores of Asan in 1944. Thousands of soldiers and civilians lost their lives in the battles on Guam and the Pacific Theater.

As the survivors of the war carried on with their lives after liberation, they carried with them memories of the hardships and challenges that they experienced during the war. And these memories are what the new book tries to preserve for posterity and for the new generations to come.

“The Liberation Day Committee decided this year to put together an education component to it. We got together several people from the community and they produced collaborative material like this, such as the Liberation commemorative book. This is 75 years of history all put into one. All the stories of all of the memorials. It has war survivor stories. It has stories about prewar, life during the war and the rebuilding efforts. It also has some of the more recent photos of the events so we are very pleased to present this,” Sinajana Mayor Robert Hofmann said.

He added: “This goes and coincides with the Sentimental Journey CD that we also helped remastered, which we produced with the Guam War Survivors Foundation. It coincides with the Hita Talks that are happening down at the Museum and the rebroadcast of several of the parades and events from PBS. So this kinda helps people get a glimpse of what life was like back in the 50th parade, in the 50th anniversary, in the 40th anniversary, as far back as PBS could find, in terms of parade coverage. They have it all so. We are just pleased to offer this and it is for sale.”

At least 25 World War II sites and monuments are featured in the commemorative book. It has war survivor stories, the Pacific World War II timeline from occupation to liberation, and other significant events.

Hofmann said the book is priced at $45. Interested buyers can pick it up at the Guam Museum or the Governor’s Office in Adelup.


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