New Health Mandate Requires Employers To Provide A Room For Mothers To Feed Their Babies


Guam – The recent panic on the health care issues appears to have calmed down, that’s according to Calvo Select Care Health Plan Administrator Frank Campillo.

Campillo says buyers of health insurance now know the impacts on the new changes and that there will be between a ten to twelve percent impact on premiums based on the regulation that we need to comply with. He says nation wide there’s new regulations we will need to comply with.

Campillo says, “Something that is very new for the employers, not only for Continental U.S. but also with Guam, is that they need to realize that the new health law mandates that employers will need to provide a room so mothers can feed their babies. That is something employers didn’t account for and something I’m sure they didn’t plan in their places of employment.

He says the new law continues to evolve and bring new challenges to us.