Public Safety Employees Now Subject to 43 Hour Work Week, Without Overtime, By-Law


Guam – The governor enacted bill 467-3 into public law Monday, which is an amendment to a current law that will increase the work week for public safety officers from 40 to 43 hours a week.

Senator Adolpho Palacios, Chair of the Committee on Public Safety, says this new public law, PL 30-215, came about because of a Guam Supreme Court ruling.

He says there was a challenge by Guam Customs and Quarantine, they felt they were entitled to 3 hours of over time pay for their 43 hour work week because it was required by local law. Palacios says immediately after that ruling, the Guam Police Department reverted to the 40 hour work week which resulted in an abrupt reduction of police service hours and fewer officers were available to protect the community. Palacios says he wrote this amendment because the executive order can not supersede a statute.

Although it means that public Safety employees will be subject to a 43 hour work week, Palacios says it will create savings in overtime and enable more officers to be on the streets longer.